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    Google android development for newbies

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    Class Overview

    The number of people using the Android operating system is increasing daily and this has provided an opportunity for developers to earn a living by developing android games and application.
    Are you a newbie programmer and you will like to learn how to develop android games and app, this class is the perfect class for you.
    My name is George; I am a web developer cum Android Developer, I am ready to reveal all the information you need to become an excellent android developer.
    I will offer you 1-1 training in such a practical and easy to understand way.
    We will start with an introduction to Android, where you will learn about the origin and the Android architecture. We will take a closer look at Android APIs and the Android interface.
    By the time you finish this class, you will :
    Develop Android games and apps.
    Understand Android architecture
    You will discover all the applications available with Android.
    You will learn how to monetize the apps or games you developed.
    I can't wait to take you on this exciting journey, see you in class.

    10 Years old and above


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