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    Machine Learning For Beginner

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    Class Overview

    Hello! My name is Taylor, I am a Computer Scientist with more than five years of teaching experience. I have trained and offered 1-1 training to over 500 students. I am a guru in the field of Robotic Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.
    I am offering you a lifetime opportunity to learn the basics of Machine language.
    Machine Language which is widely known as ML is the study of algorithms and models that are utilized by computer systems to ensure adequate performance of specific tasks. ML make use of individual patterns to make predictions and provide outputs.
    These days, we have access to smartphones and laptops that respond to our voice and specific commands, these activities that make our use of smartphones more interesting are borne out of Machine Language.

    Machine Language is a branch of artificial intelligence which has received wide acceptance in our society.
    In this class, I will teach you all that you need to know before venturing into machine language.
    I will give you valuable hints and tips that will help you to become successful in case you decided to take a career in Machine Language.
    You will gain access to an array of materials that will ensure a smooth learning process.
    You will learn how data mining works and its importances in our society.
    This is a class you will surely enjoy, I look forward to seeing you there.

    20 Years old and above


    Basic knowledge of any programming language.

    A laptop.

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