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    Workplace Safety and Health

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    Class Overview

    'Safety first" this should be the motto for every firm that desires the protection and safety of their workers. Safety at the workplace is paramount and that is the reason why i setup this Workplace Safety and Health class.
    My name is Terrance, a health and safety trainer. i have done many health and safety related training within the past five years. Many company and firms have reached out to me so I can train their staff.
    I am offering you an essential class that can save your life and prevents you from accruing debt from the hospital bill.
    The last training held at 2536 Harter Street Philadelphia but now I have decided to bring the class to you lovely people of Phoenix.
    This is an essential training that you must not miss, I look forward to seeing you there.

    20 Years old and above


    I will provide all the necessary manuals needed for the training.

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