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    Your Health: How to lead a Healthy Lifestyle

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    Class Overview

    Hello! It is Oscar Wilson again, and I will like to give you a brief description of my Healthy Lifestyle training. This is the second time that i will be teaching people about how to lead healthy lifestyles, the tips, lessons and tricks that I show my students have had an immense impact on their health and all-around well-being.
    If you are looking for a class that will teach you all you need to stay fit and healthy, then you are in the right place.
    I will help you to identify the harms and also realize the
    benefits you can derive from daily routines.
    You will learn about the various causes of diseases and infections.
    You will discover the many benefits of fruits.
    You will get to understand how your body function.
    This class is suitable for everyone. Irrespective of age or level of education; everybody deserves to lead a healthy life. Book this class today, and you will be grateful you did.

    5 Years old and above

    English and Spanish

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