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    Brief Intro to Philosophy

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    Class Overview

    I am Tamaasa Tetsuzan; I am a teacher, I have six years of experience teaching philosophy.
    Philosophy involves the study of fundamental issues related to the existence of humans. In this class, we will begin by trying to understand what philosophy is - what are its original aims and methods and how does it differ from other subjects? We will then spend the rest of the class acquiring original insights into different areas of philosophy.
    This course is perfect for anyone interested in gaining more insight into the study of human existence.
    Below are the topics covered in this class:
    Epistemology, where we will examine what our knowledge of the world and ourselves consists of and how we get to know it;

    Philosophy of science, where we will study the fundamental conceptual issues in research and scientific practice;

    Philosophy of the mind, where we will ask questions about what it means for something to have a soul, and how minds must be understood and explained;

    Political philosophy, where we will try if we must obey the law;

    Moral Philosophy, where we will try to understand the nature of our judgments and our moral reactions - whether they aim at an objective moral truth or directly at personal or cultural preferences.

    20 Years old and above

    English and Spanish

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